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Discover our Hygienic Cladding

The hygienic cladding we offer is a superior, modern alternative to ceramic tiles. Based near Kempston, Bedfordshire. BDS Flooring Solutions Ltd is proud to offer a wide variety of cladding solutions.

Colour Options

A wide range of colour options are available to choose from. From neutral colours to pastels and vibrant, striking shades, we’re sure to offer a colour you find attractive.

Truly Hygienic

Our cladding is hygiene friendly. That means it’s simple to satisfy health and safety requirements using this easy to maintain, effortlessly cleanable solution.

Unique Designs

BDS Flooring Solutions Ltd is equipped to produce a bespoke design for you via the use of digital image cladding. Any image of your choice may be implemented throughout the design.

Ideal for Homes and Businesses

This tailored service is fantastic for homeowners and business proprietors alike. Our assistance is comprehensive from start to finish and covers the supply, installation, and maintenance of materials. Working tirelessly, we ensure that our cladding is a cost-effective solution.

Contact us today, to discover the quality flooring and cladding solutions we have to offer.